2C-B Is the Drug Taking Over the UK’s Clubs

On a Saturday night in a north London club, 26-year-old Mo swallows a pink pill with a mouthful of Red Bull. Within the hour, he’s dancing uncontrollably. Though the euphoria swelling through his body is similar to what he’d feel after dropping ecstasy, the lights above the DJ—that trail on and on, as if reflected on […]

Women Have Better Orgasms When They Smoke Weed Before Sex

Published this month in the journal Science Medicine , researchers found that women who used weed before sexhad higher sex drives, less pain during the encounter, and more satisfying orgasms compared to women who abstained. They also found that women who frequently used weed at any point, not just before sex, were more likely to have enjoyable orgasms compared […]

Things You’ll Buy Once, and Use Forever

A belt made with full-grain leather, aka a thick single piece that won’t break, tear, crack, fray, or split, even if you wear it every single day, year in and year out. Seriously, these belts have a 100-year warranty because they mean it. The buckles are easily replaced, too, if you have one you like […]